Central Vacuum Systems Stamford CT

When it comes to cleaning the house, you most likely want to do this in the easiest and most efficient manner. Having a central vacuum system installed will certainly help with this fact, and there are a number of great reasons as to why this should be done in the home.

The first benefit of this system would be the convenience. There are hose outlets placed throughout the entire house, so there is always a place to plug in the vacuum nearby. Simply plug the hose into the outlet and it is on and working. There is no need to turn on the unit; it is activated when the hose is plugged in.

The hose is extremely lightweight and is considerably lighter than any upright or canister vacuum. For any person that has back problems or difficulty getting up the stairs with a vacuum, central vacuum systems are perfect.

There are a number of vacuums on the market today that boast a significant amount of power and durability. The fact of the matter is that home central vacuum systems are more powerful than almost every vacuum cleaner on the market. It is also a durable system that will certainly outlast any other vacuum model.

Simplicity is important. All of the dirt and debris is collected in a main container. This is usually located in the basement of the home. Depending on your individual home, this will normally only need to be emptied once a month.

With how easy it is to use, you might be amazed at how often the home gets cleaned and that all members of the family have no problem in helping out around the house with this chore.For the house that has a good deal of hardwood, there is the option to add sweeps into the system. Dirt is easily and simply swept into a collection door and then disposed of properly through the system.

Air quality can also be improved when using a central vacuum system. Any allergens are removed from your house and the system is vented outdoors. All upright vacuums have to vent back into the room, which can cause these allergens to stay in the home. Although an upright may have special HEPA filters, it still cannot remove such impurities like central vacuum systems can. A central vacuum system can be a great investment and help to keep your home cleaner, safer and looking great. When you are looking to add central vacuum systems to your home in Stamford CT or the surrounding areas, give us a call!