Home Generators Install Service Stamford CT

Remember Y2K? The world was in a panic, sure that the collapse of the world as we know it was imminent. People stood in line for hours, buying all the emergency supplies they could get. Survivalists spent years preparing their homes for an eventual disaster that never came. Home generator sales skyrocketed. Everyone was worried.

January 1, 2000 dawned without incident. However, those who bought home generators quickly realized just how useful they could be.

Many states, most notably California and New York, are having problems figuring out just how to supply electricity to their growing populations. Rolling blackouts are increasingly common. Residents of areas with harsh winters or inclement weather often lose power for days at a time. An ice storm can cause mass outages. A hurricane can completely corrupt the power grid.

Having a backup home generator installed in your home just makes sense. We rely on electricity now more than ever. We use it to work, to communicate, to live. While a young family would probably survive well without power for a few days, the elderly or health compromised may not be so lucky.
The very young and the very old depend on electricity to keep them warm in the winter and cool in the summer. A 1995 heat wave in Chicago killed hundreds. The power grid was compromised, leaving thousands without air conditioning. Most of those who perished were elderly or sick. Access to home generators would have surely saved lives.

A generator is connected to the home’s existing wiring. When the power goes out, the generator is switched on automatically. The typical amount of time between power outage and generator function is usually no more than 10-30 seconds. A generator provides peace of mind during a routine outage or a true emergency. Medications will stay refrigerated. Lights will be accessible. Medical devices will continue to function.

A whole home generator is the perfect way to ensure your home remains on-line, even if the power grid fails. Although there is an initial cost, the benefits are undeniable. When the power goes out, a home generator ensures you are never left in the dark. When you are looking for a safe and reliable home generators install service in Stamford CT and the surrounding areas, give us a call!