Landscape Lighting Stamford CT

When people landscape their homes, they often only think about how things look during the daylight, but the way landscaping looks in darkness can be just as important. Nighttime lighting can give your home a visual appeal that simply can’t be duplicated during the day. This is possible due to your complete control over the type of lighting you use and where you position it. During the day you can’t control where light is coming from, but at night you can light up your yard exactly the way you want it, creating a look that shows off the features you love while hiding the ones you don’t.

Think of good landscape lighting as being similar to high quality movie lighting. When you watch a good film, it’s very rare that the shots you see on screen were lit with natural day light. Far more likely, the scene was lit with meticulously placed cameras meant to evoke certain emotions. For example, lights may be placed in a specific location to highlight a certain actor’s face while obscuring another’s in shadow. The same kind of concepts can be applied to landscape lighting, but instead of showing off actors, you’re showing off the beautiful features of your yard.

Different lighting can convey drastically different moods for your landscaping. Some people like to highlight certain architectural features and plants to convey a welcoming nighttime environment, while others may want to make their landscaping seem more menacing in order to discourage potential criminals. Backyard landscape lighting can also create an exciting or elegant environment for parties or family gatherings. Well lit landscaping features can give your backyard the look of a tropical resort or sophisticated outdoor restaurant. It doesn’t matter what kind of look you are going for, the right lighting can make it happen.

Landscape lighting not only improves the visual design of your home, it can also improve security through motion sensors or automatic timers. These features can give strangers the impression that someone is home even if you’re gone on business or vacation. Well placed lighting over doors and entryways can provide a welcoming presence to guests while at the same time discouraging trespassers. There are more than just a few reasons to get excited about the installation of your landscape lighting. When you are ready to add landscape lighting to your home in Stamford CT or the surrounding areas, give us a call!