LED Lighting Stamford CT

Light-emitting diodes are also known as LEDs. These lights provide superior lighting for your home or office, and they are highly efficient. These lights are used for so many purposes around the world, but people are just now starting to use them as a primary source of indoor lighting. Modern LED lighting technology has enabled developers to create a bulb that produces brighter lighting and managed temperature levels.

LED Versus CFL Bulbs

A few years ago everyone started making the big switch to CFL bulbs. They were supposed to be better, energy efficient and bright. CFL bulbs actually begin to lose their brightness quickly. Even though they have a long lifespan, and consume very little electricity, they don’t maintain the brightness that people need indoors. LED lighting does not lose its brightness. Compact fluorescent lights may be cheaper but are composed using mercury, a bio-hazardous material. LED lights are safer, more sophisticated and can last a long time.

Using LED Lights In Fixtures

You should always purchase the right fixture for your LED bulbs, and have them installed properly. When purchasing fixtures, make sure that they are appropriate for LED lights. An inappropriate fixture can cause the lights to overheat and fail. If you do not know how to choose proper lighting, then hire a professional electrician who specializes in LED lighting.

Other Benefits

LED lighting can provide ambient lighting, bright lights that mimic outdoors and a more soothing atmosphere. When the lights are accentuated by their fixtures, they can further improve the beauty and vibe of your home. These lights are directional. This means that you can adjust them to where the light emits to. This feature allows for lighting that is specific to your needs. It looks better and reduces unnecessary brightness in a room.

LED lights are also durable. While it can be a biological hazard to break a CFL bulb, there are minimal dangers to breaking an LED light. Even if you did, it wouldn’t be harmful. They use only one to 33 percent of energy that is needed to power a CFL or incandescent bulb. The savings on electricity usage are astounding.

While LED lights are a little more expensive, you will find that they are a good investment for specific parts of your home. To learn more about adding LED lighting to your home in Stamford CT or the surrounding areas, give us a call!