Luxury Electrical Services

These luxury home upgrades provide convenience, enjoyment and make life a whole lot more enjoyable! We can install and upgrade your home to the latest and greatest technology. Contact us today!

Heated Floor Installation


At Sterling Electric we install radiant heated floors to keep your home warm. Once installed, they have temperature controls and can be set to timers, making them a very efficient and a cost effective way to warm your home. The radiant floors heat each room from the ground up. We can install your heated floors under tile and stone, wood floors, carpet, virtually any floor including concrete. Contact us today to discuss your options for installing heated floors in single or multiple rooms.


Home Audio Systems


Installing a whole house audio system is a great way to hear audio in every room of your home. When you transition from one room to the next you don’t have to worry about losing the sound of your music. You can choose which rooms you would like wired and we will ensure you have crisp, clear audio in each of those rooms.


In Wall Speakers


Sterling Electric installs speakers inside or outside, getting you the perfect sounds in every inch of your home. Call us today to discuss your options.


Jacuzzi Wiring

 Sterling Electric will ensure that your new jacuzzi wiring is installed properly, making sure your water and the wires don’t make contact so you can have a relaxing time in your jacuzzi.



Outdoor Kitchen & BBQ Wiring


If you are interested in building an outdoor kitchen or BBQ, Sterling Electric is here to ensure that your wiring is safely installed. Call us today to help keep your new outdoor space safe and working properly.


Whole House Vacuum System

With the whole house vacuum system you no longer have to lug around that heavy vacuum and don’t have to worry about constantly dumping out the dirt from inside the vacuum. The whole house vacuum system is designed so that you can just sweep your floors into a dedicated suction spot or add an attachment for your carpeted floor vacuuming. Once you are finished cleaning your floors you can close the dedicated suction spot and put away any attachments you have used and that is it. It makes cleaning your floors even easier.

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