Recessed Lighting Stamford CT

Recessed lighting, also called pot lighting and can (or canister) lighting, are lights that are mounted in the wall or ceiling instead of, as is typical, on a wall or ceiling. In other words, it can be placed almost anywhere, in any surface, making it one of the most versatile lighting systems ever developed.

In addition to being placed almost anywhere, recessed lighting can look different than typical lighting. Recessed lights have trim rings in a variety of colors and metallic finishes. Most of the time, recessed lighting is round, but they also come in squares, rectangles, and even ovals. The most important aspects of recessed lighting are trims and housing.

The trim in recessed lighting refers to the visible parts of the fixture, including the trim ring, reflector, or baffle–any part that focuses or directs the light source. They are both decorative and functional because they are the most visible parts of the light. The cone-shaped reflector surrounds the lamp and helps focus and direct the light, and comes in several colors and finishes. Baffles are like reflectors, but instead of being smooth, they are ribbed, which help reduce glare and diffuse the light.

The most obvious part of a recessed light is the trim ring, which sits of the ceiling’s surface. It is either square or circular, and covers the ceiling’s cutout. The trim both positions the lamp at different angles and restricts the lighting’s direction, which emphasizes architectural aspects of a room, and comes in eyeball, eyelid, and wall-wash shapes and sizes.

The housing of a recessed lighting system is its most important structure because it houses its electrical components, including the lamp, attaches the fixture to the ceiling, and provides the platform for mounting its trim components. For fixtures in new buildings where there is open access to the ceiling, the housing are attached to ceiling joints by arms extended out from the can. For rooms with an existing ceiling with little or no access to ceiling joints, housings have fixtures with clips that attach directly to the ceiling.

With all these varieties of lighting, you should have no problem finding something that will fit both your tastes and the room you want to light. Call us today for all of your recessed lighting needs in Stamford CT and the surrounding areas!