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Keeping your home safe is about being prepared. Let us help you prepare your home for the unknown.

Dedicated Circuits

Different appliances pull different amounts of electricity. Your larger capacity appliances like garage doors, washers and dryers, stoves and refrigerators, central vacuums may be pulling too much electricity on your current circuit which will lead to an overload and cause a fuse to blow. Now this might be annoying when it happens but it is also very dangerous. Call us today and let us evaluate your circuit breaker to see if you need to have additional dedicated circuits installed into your home.

Generator Installation & Services

Sterling Electric specializes in the Full Line Of; GUARDIAN Generators by Generac, the most reliable, dependable generators on the market.

We install portable or standby versions to ensure, no matter what happens, you can have access to electricity. Generators come in several sizes and with our expertise, we can determine based on your feedback the size you need in order to comfortably get through a power outage.

generator installation fairfield county ct

Some Key Features Include…

•Automatic Transfer Switch
•Fuel Tanks
•Remote Monitoring Software
•No Compatibility Obstacles
•Excellent Warranty On Parts & Service
•Whisper-test mode (also known as Quiet-test mode)

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Motion Sensors

Motion sensors are a great way to save on electricity costs by minimizing the time your outdoor lights stay on. They are also a beneficial warning to you if someone is moving about, outside of your home. We go evaluate your property and identify with you the best places for motion sensors or an outdoor spot light to be installed.

Smoke Detector Installation

Sterling Electric installs 120 volt and 9 volt interlocking smoke detector system.

Surge Protection

Sterling Electric installs whole house surge protection which prevents voltage spikes from “frying” any electrical devices in your home. The benefit of whole home surge protection is in the electricity being controlled at it’s source. For wall plug in surge protectors, there is a delay in the protection which can result in a negative effect. Catching the voltage spike sooner will ensure that your electrical devices have no damage.

Transfer Switch Installation

A transfer switch is designed to be an easy way to transfer electricity from your primary source of electricity to a secondary source, like a generator. There are two types of transfer switches Sterling Electric can install in your home. The first is a manual switch which the homeowner would physically have to press the switch to gain access to the energy in the generator. The second option is an automatic switch, which will automatically transfer the electricity over if there is a power outage.

This is very useful if the power outage occurs while you are not at home. So whether you are thinking about adding a generator or already have a generator installed, Sterling Electric can install either type of transfer switch to best suit your needs.

Wiring Upgrades

Service upgrades both above and underground from 100 to 1200 amps for residential and commercial.