Speciality Lighting Wiring Stamford CT

We offer a wide selection of specialty lighting to fit any of your home projects.

Bathroom Lighting

There are several options for bathroom lighting, we work with your specific bathroom fixture and customize the lighting to meet your needs. Some common bathroom lighting we do is exhaust fan/light combo, exhaust fans, recessed lights, wall sconces, and over mirror light fixtures.

Kitchen Lighting

One of our favorite rooms in the home is the kitchen. Whether you are cooking a meal for 30 people to just 1 person, you will want to have the proper lighting to see everything you prepare and eat with your loved ones.

At Sterling Electric we will get an understanding of how you use your kitchen and make the best recommendations to ensure you have the most effective lighting without unnecessary switches. Some of our most popular kitchen lighting upgrades and enhancements are recessed lights, surface mount, under-cabin lights, hanging fixtures (for example chandelier installation), and tech lighting.

Landscape Lighting

We can help you add efficient beautiful lighting to your landscape structures, making the outside of your home more inviting and showcasing special features of your outdoor space. Some common outside lighting we provide are post lights, walkway lights, motion detectors, tree up lights, house accent lights, and pool lighting.

Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting are light fixtures that are installed into a wall or ceiling that are flush to the surface. Recessed lighting can be low or high wattage, giving your room a defused soft lighting or bright intensity or anywhere between with a fade feature. Contact us today to find out how we can give your home the perfect lighting in any room.