Track Lighting Electrician Stamford CT

Track lighting, an often attractive and artistic lighting system, occurs when light fixtures are attached periodically on a continuous track device with electrical conductors, as opposed to routing electrical wiring to individual light positions. These tracks are mounted to walls and ceilings, crosswise across joists or rafters, lengthwise down beams, or hung with rods from vaulted ceilings and other high places. If the track is anchored correctly, a hanging fixture can be suspended from it. The track itself can also be suspended.

Most track lighting systems have line voltage, the typical system for most of the world, running through a recessed track, which often has more than one live conductor. As a result, multiple switched circuits are used to control different fittings on the same track, which are selected by placing the connector’s tab on the side of the fixture when it is attached to the track. A track lighting electrician is skilled in installing these fixtures.

Currently, many track lighting systems are available with low voltage (10, 12, or 24 volts) running through the track, which adds to the decorative nature of this attractive lighting method. For example, the fixture can clamp onto a track of two metal strips separated by an insulating strip. A special dimmer is used because standard dimmers cause flickering due to the interaction with the inductive electrical load.

Another popular variation of track lighting is called cable lighting. Fixtures are hung from low-voltage, uninsulated cables, and range from very simple (i.e., a halogen lamp handing from two hinged rods) to more artistic. Two sets of cable, such as in the corner of a room, are connected by short wires with alligator clips or screw clamps. They are also used in spaces with difficult mounting surfaces, such as in room with very high ceilings, ceilings interrupted by exposed ductwork, beams or soffits, or in rooms with cathedral or vaulted ceilings.

Cable lighting is usually installed in short runs under twenty feet, from wall to wall without vertical support. It is often a design choice for more artistic interiors, instead of the standard linear lighting systems like a monorail system. Cable lighting can be curved in any shape, or in S-curves and spirals. If you are looking for a track lighting electrician in the Stamford CT or surrounding areas, contact us today!